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Rolling the Dough




Great Food just doesn’t "happen". It starts with people who are true artisans - Chefs who take personal pride in what they do and how they do it. That commitment begins at 4:00 AM and continues throughout the day. Every recipe begins with the precise scaling and preparation of quality ingredients.


Made “by hand” means exactly that ... it means we care enough to take our time to make our food FOR YOU.


Fresh Home Made bread is unmistakable. The flavor is like no other. This is real bread! Now we take our incredible ingredients and make morning pastries, sandwiches, desserts...JUST FOR YOU.



So the next time you’re wondering where to get GREAT FOOD for Breakfast, Lunch, Parties, or Weddings ... remember, everything we do is JUST FOR YOU!

we grow our own. 

At Grateful Table we cherish having fresh food. In 2021, our vision came to life, with the purchase of 13 Juice Plus+ Aeroponic

Tower Gardens. Tower Gardens, are what it sounds like, 6 ft. indoor tower pod gardens that give us the ability to grow year-round in Minnesota. 


We are growing our lettuce, herbs, microgreens, tomatoes, bell peppers, and other produce items. With no pesticides, filtered clean water, and LED full-spectrum lighting. 


Come into The Grateful Table to see our new additions, and taste freshly grown produce. 


We also make available for individual purchase aero garden for your home to have fresh produce in your home. 

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